'Breaking Bad' Fans Launch Facebook Pages to Predict Who Will Die

Breaking Bad Series Finale Aaron Paul in Lab - H 2013

Breaking Bad Series Finale Aaron Paul in Lab - H 2013

Breaking Bad fans couldn't be more anxious to see what happens to Walter, Jesse and everyone else in AMC's hit drama, which is airing its series finale Sunday night.

Many fans have been speculating for weeks about how the show would end -- specifically, who would die and who would make it out alive.

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To that end, multiple Facebook pages have been created where fans are making their predictions, including one titled "Breaking Bad Death Poll/End Predictions."

Below are some of their thoughts -- some quite elaborate -- on how they think the final episode of the series will play out. How do you think the show will end? Sound off in the comments below.

Jason Stoll:
I think Jessie lives except he's lost the will to live, so hmmm. Walt and Jessie kill Nazis, Jessie kills Todd during a cook, Walt kills Lydia, Walt takes the ricin and makes a confessional video. He becomes the boogeyman of New Mexico. Walt Jr. has a food breakfast and heads off to school that day, where he is later elected prom king. Skyler and Marie cry tears of joy and go out antique store shoplifting in celebration. THE END.

EStevie Doobie:
The Nazis and Hank/Gomie stand off ends in a stalemate. Walter is now in the hands of the Nazis. In exchange he will cook ONCE. After he denies them various times, the Nazis go after Walter's clan. Hank and Marie will watch it all go down. The White clan will go into hiding. Jesse is kidnapped by Todd and his crew and forced to cook once Walter disappears. Lydia will orchestrate everything and get away scotch free. Walter returns 1 year later after faking his death and will go on a suicide mission to save Jesse. In the end, Walt uses the ricin on himself after he fails to save Jesse. Saul gets a spinoff. The END.

Gabriel Saldana:
My favorite one is still: Everyone dies; Walt lives and creates a whole new life of lies that includes a new family. And so begins Malcolm in the Middle.

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George Dean:
Everyone dies but Walt. Marie freaks, Walt freaks. Everything is blown up in the media about this. Walt kills everyone involved with this (Lydia, Todd, etc) and the flash forwards we've been watching are his preparation in killing the hit men who saved him in this last episode.

Roberto Godinez:
Hank dies and Marie goes apeshit. Jesse makes a narrow escape from the shoutout and retreats back to Hank and Marie's place. Together they devise a bunk-ass plan to kill Walt. The plan will inevitably fuck up, which will end up killing Skyler, Walt, Jr., the White baby, and probably Marie. This will probably happen around the time Walt is being forced to cook for the Nazis, probably at gunpoint. By the time he's done fulfilling the Nazi deal, he realizes it's time to gather his family and get the fuck out of Dodge. But he arrives too late, just in time to see the aftermath. After seeing how his ridiculous "luck" always ends up working to his advantage but destroys everybody he cares about, Walt decides to sequester himself away from the world, calls Saul's guy, and disappears.
One year later, on his birthday, we assume he's going back for vengeance against somebody, presumably Jesse. Here's where the show gives us a final "Fuck You," by setting up what we think will be the final showdown with Jesse. In actuality, Walt is going to attempt to erase all traces of his existence. He's going to use the machine gun to kill the Nazis, who are now running his blue meth empire and destroy their meth lab, and he is going to show up at Jesse's door with the ricin. Walt kind of loves Jesse, for some reason, as has been made redundant over the course of the show. Jesse is his only family left. Unable to live with the fact that the only person left on the earth who he cares about hates his guts, he will hand the ricin to Jesse and tell him: "Use it on me. Kill me and watch me die a painful death. It's what I deserve."