'Breaking Bad' Fans Upset About Second iTunes Purchase for Final 8 Episodes

Users have been posting angry comments after they learned they needed to buy two "season passes" to get the entire fifth season.

Many Breaking Bad fans who purchased iTunes' season pass for the fifth and final season of the show are upset about Apple's decision to package the season as two separate purchases.

AMC split the final season into two halves, the final eight episodes of which began airing on Sunday, but several fans who bought the fifth-season pass on iTunes just discovered the new episodes won't be included in their earlier purchase.

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Instead, those shows will be sold as "The Final Season," which requires a separate purchase. "Season 5" costs $13.99 for standard definition and $21.99 for high definition while the final episodes will cost $14.99 for SD and $22.99 for HD.

Outraged iTunes users have been flooding the store with complaints.

"When we purchased this Season it never stated it was only half of the season and we'd have to buy again. Shameful tactic to sneakily change it afterwards. I'm embarrassed for you," one user who went by the name "orangebluedevil" wrote in "The Final Season's" comments section.

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Another user, "Hirocon," wrote: "Breaking Bad has only 5 seasons. The last 8 episodes of the series are part of season 5. I bought what I thought was season 5 through iTunes, but it turns out I only got the first half of season 5. The last 8 episodes of the series are not being included in the package I bought, and instead are being sold separately as "The Final Season". Guess what Apple? Season 5 IS the final season."

And "itsjake88" posted a very detailed complaint on the "Season 5" page: "I had purchased this season pass last year before any episodes had aired. At that time AMC defined season five (and still does) as 16 episodes. I was under the impression that "season 5" on iTunes meant all of season 5. The price for this "season" only covers the first half of season 5. Of course the new episodes aren't released yet (they start to air 8/11) but they are NOT included in iTunes's version of season 5. AMC still defines episodes 9-16 as season 5 yet you do not get these episodes with a season 5 season pass. Apple refuses the refund my money or allow me access to episodes 9-16 when they air without giving them more money. This is not right."

Amazon is also offering the final season's first and second half as separate packages, but there don't seem to be as many (or as strongly-worded) complaints there.