'Breaking Bad' Unveils Ominous Teaser Poster (Photo)

Breaking Bad Poster Final Season - P 2013

Breaking Bad Poster Final Season - P 2013

All bad things must come to an end – even all the drug dealing and killing that goes on in AMC’s Breaking Bad. With the final half of season five premiering Aug. 11, AMC has unveiled its first poster teasing the show's final eight episodes.

While the poster doesn't reveal much, series creator Vince GIlligan has been speaking about the end of the show and a possible spinoff series. During a panel talk Tuesday in Los Angeles, Gilligan admitted he cried when he wrote the final words on the script to the last episode.

"I haven't told my crew this. I actually cried writing the end – 'The end' on the last episode," Gilligan said. "I haven’t since then."

He said the ending of the series was the product of "thousands of man hours" in the writers room over the years.

“Essentially we said, ‘What are all the possible endings we can come up with?' And then, ‘What is the ending that satisfies us the most?’”

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And in a recent interview, Gilligan said he is still exploring the possibility of a spinoff series starring Bob Odenkirk as the slimy lawyer Saul Goodman.

“Nothing's written in stone, but we are working away on it,” Gilligan said in an interview with Yahoo TV. “My writer and producer, Peter Gould, who created the character of Saul way back in season two, he and I have been talking, trying to figure out what a Saul Goodman show would look like. What would be the details of it, the particulars of it? And we're getting together to hash that out every chance we get.”

Breaking Bad returns with the second half of its fifth and final season Aug. 11 on AMC.