'Breaking Bad' House Owner on Involvement With Show, Meeting Fans (Video)

The woman who really lives in the Albuquerque abode Walter White and his family call home talks about being part of the hit AMC series.
Owner of the "Breaking Bad" house, Fran

"I asked him if he wanted to buy a bridge in Brooklyn."

That's what the real-life owner of the house where Walter White and his family live in Breaking Bad said to creator Vince Gilligan when he asked if she would like to have her house in a TV pilot.

She didn't believe him but eventually agreed, and now her house has been a central part of the hit show's five seasons on AMC, the last eight episodes of which start on Sunday.

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The Albuquerque owner, Fran, talked about her house's involvement with the show and the fans that stop by in an interview with YouTube channel MachinimaETC, embedded below.

Fran, who's owned the house since 1973, said Gilligan and his scouting team rejected a few other houses before they saw hers and Gilligan said, "That's Walt's house."

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While she noted the interior depicted on the show doesn't match hers, the pool, which has been shown throughout the series, is hers but Gilligan wanted to cover it up.

Although fans have been stopping by since the beginning, Fran said they've been doing so in greater numbers recently.

"Last month we had 404 cars here that I saw," Fran said. "We've met people from all over the world, and it's been amazing."

But despite her house's central involvement in the show, even she doesn't know what's going to happen in the final episodes.