'Breaking Bad' Lego Figurine Hits Online

Breaking Bad Legos - P 2013
Citizen Brick LLC

Breaking Bad Legos - P 2013

Meet “Chemistry Enthusiast,” a little guy who bears a striking resemblance to Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White. He’s got Walter's trademark facial hair, glasses and hazmat suit. But while he may look like a Walter White Lego, officially speaking this Breaking Bad figurine is not associated with Lego or the AMC hit.

Chemistry Enthusiast is a new, limited-edition product from Citizen Brick, a Chicago-based company which specializes in creating customized Lego pieces.

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“I like to think I make stuff for guys that are like me,” Citizen Brick founder and Breaking Bad fan Joe Trupia tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Adults who still enjoy playing with Legos.”

Trupia, the father of two young sons, started off his career as a printer and eventually began experimenting with customizing Legos. His company uses Lego parts and says it employs the toy giant’s technique for adding color to them.

In addition to the Breaking Bad homage, Citizen Brick has also tackled The Wire, though most of its products are not TV-related.

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Does the company fear facing the legal wrath of Lego or Breaking Bad network AMC? Trupia hopes the companies will see his work as a fan's tribute and says he doubts his small operation is cutting into their profits.

Citizen Brick is doing a limited run of 400 Chemistry Enthusiast figurines with no immediate plans to produce more. They are selling for $15 each. The complete lineup of Citizen Brick figurines can be viewed here.