'Breaking Bad' Premiere: Badger's 'Star Trek' Fan Fiction Gets Animated (Video)

Chekov's scheme to win the Enterprise's pie-eating contest goes awry -- and now we can see it in all its glory.
Badger in an unofficial "Breaking Bad" animation

Sunday's premiere of Breaking Bad had it all -- Walt vs. Hank; Skyler vs. Lydia; and Badger regaling Jesse and Skinny Pete with some totally ridiculous Star Trek fan fiction. 

Now, that story has been brought to life, with commander Chekov's ill-fated pie-eating contest getting animated for Vulture.

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Charles Baker (Skinny Pete) recently told The Hollywood Reporter that while shooting the scene, Bryan Cranston (who directed the premiere) let the actors cut loose to do their thing.

"That was the first time I'd worked with Bryan as a director. He knew what we could do. He trusted us and kind of said 'do what you do' and let us see," he said. "He helped us with some beats and helped us with some comedic timing, which he's brilliant at."

He also credited writer Peter Gould, who he says primarily has been responsible for the geeky conversations between Skinny Pete and Badger (Matt Jones) throughout the series. 

"It's really endeared us to the geek community," he said. 

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