'Breaking Bad' Premiere: Champagne Flows in RV for Bryan Cranston, Cast

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The RV sparkled and the blue meth candy flowed at Wednesday night's Breaking Bad premiere, where the show’s stars celebrated its final eight episodes. 

The cast of the AMC hit forwent the limousines and instead rolled up in Walter and Jesse’s iconic RV, with Aaron Paul (Jesse) behind the wheel. Yellow smoke poured from its vent and champagne glasses clacked inside as the RV pulled in front of the Kim Novak Theatre on the Sony Lot.

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For an RV that's been used for so many bad deeds onscreen, Bryan Cranston (Walter) managed to use it for some real-life good. The star raised more than $300,000 through Omaze.com for The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children by allowing donors the chance to win a trip to the premiere in the RV.

The cast was predictably tightlipped on details about the final episodes, but they offered some teases. Cranston told The Hollywood Reporter when we next see Walter, he’s not dwelling on the past, because his present is too dangerous.

“He lives moment to moment. He doesn’t have the luxury of retrospective thought,” Cranston said. “He’s trying to stay alive."

Anna Gunn (Skyler) said the premiere finds her character having gone from thinking she can “control the situation” to realizing “there’s no controlling the situation.”

“She’s hoping against hope that Walt means it when he says he’s out of the business,” Gunn told THR. “But there’s part of her that knows deep down it’s not likely.”

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RJ Mitte (Walt Jr.) promised the ending will not disappoint.

“There will be no loopholes. There will be no endings that are dreams,” Mitte said. “I think the fans are going to love it. I think everyone is going to react to it very well."

Though it was a goodbye, it wasn’t a tearful event. Show creator Vince Gilligan snapped photos of his cast, while nearby, Cranston and Gunn horsed around, joking about how much they liked being each other’s "fake" spouses.

"We have all of the license to fool around, and none of the complications. It's fantastic," Cranston joked to reporters.

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When Jonathan Banks (Mike) appeared on the carpet, Bob  Odenkirk  (Saul) made a beeline for his Emmy-nominated costar, shouting “this guy is awesome." He proclaimed Banks would win the Emmy this year for sure. (Banks is up against Paul for best supporting actor in a drama series, which Paul has won twice.) Later, Banks snuck behind the line of reporters and attempted to interview Paul using a box of breath mints as a microphone.

Dean Norris (Hank) and Betsy Brandt (Marie) weren't at the premiere, but past castmembers David Costabile (Gale) and the actors behind the terrifying cartel cousins (Luis Moncada and Daniel Moncada) were there to show support. Also attending were Laura Fraser (Lydia) and Charles Baker (Skinny Pete).

Inside the theater, the crowd was treated to the upcoming season premiere, with Steve Mosko, president of Sony Pictures Television, introducing the episode by saying “Tonight is not a sad night. Tonight is a celebration.”

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He then read the show's rather unassuming logline, presented to him at an October 2006 green light meeting:

“A 40-year-old man learns that he has two years left to live. With no insurance for his family, he takes matters into his own hands by becoming Riverside County’s newest drug dealer.”

Mosko noted how remarkable it is that those two sentences led to such a celebrated show.

“That was seven years ago, and today we’re here talking about one of the greatest shows in the history of television.”

At the afterparty, goodies included blue meth candy and a cake featuring Gilligan’s severed head on a tortoise. Talk about going out in style.

Breaking Bad returns on AMC on Aug. 11 at 9 p.m. ET.

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