'Breaking Bad' Mid-Season Finale Clip Hits Online (Video)

Walter presses Lydia for the identities of the ten guys who know way too much about the business.

Are nine of the meth trade’s finest convicts (plus one unlucky lawyer) about to get a taste of Heisenberg's wrath? 

[Warning: spoilers ahead for those who have not seen last week’s episode of Breaking Bad.]

Ahead of Breaking Bad’s mid-season finale, AMC has released a tense scene between Walter (Bryan Cranston) and Lydia (Laura Fraser).

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In the scene, Walter presses Lydia for the names of the men sitting in prison who know too much about his operation. Lydia isn’t so sure she wants to comply, and she’s got good reason not to.

For starters, Lydia has deduced Walter killed Mike (Jonathan Banks), and she isn’t so sure the same won’t happen to her once she hands over the list. Plus, Walter has just strutted into the diner in full-on Heisenberg mode (hat included), so he doesn't exactly seem like the merciful type.

Walter’s previous adversaries have tended to be unflappable tough guys, so seeing how he’ll deal with the flighty Lydia should be interesting.

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Breaking Bad enjoyed series high ratings with last week's episode, drawing 3 million viewers. After Sunday's episode, the series will take a break, concluding season five in 2013.

Watch the video below.