'Breaking Bad': Walter White's 5 Most Evil Acts (Poll)

Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston - P 2013

Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston - P 2013

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those not caught up on Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad has just two episodes left, and while there's plenty of time for Walter White (Bryan Cranston) to continue to break bad, it's as good a time as any to look back at his misdeeds over the past five seasons.

We predict Walt's most despicable acts are behind him. He is poised to seek revenge on the Aryan gang – and it's hard to imagine he'll do anything worse than leaving Jesse (Aaron Paul) to be tortured and murdered at their hands.

Below find The Hollywood Reporter's list of Walt's greatest misdeeds, and be sure to vote in our poll and share what you think deserves the No. 1 spot.

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5. Killing Mike

Mike (Jonathan Banks) is spot-on in his assessment of Walt when he blames him for ruining what they had with Gus: "You, and your pride and your ego! You just had to be the man! If you’d known your place, we’d all be fine right now!" It's that ego that makes Walt kill Mike for refusing to give up the names of his men in prison. Mike is certainly not innocent, but his death served no purpose. Walt didn't gain anything from it other than satisfying a momentary urge to lash out in anger.

4. Poisoning Brock

Walt risked killing a little boy in order to save his own skin. And while he may be correct when he tells Jesse in season five that he knew exactly how much to give Brock, the kid was hospitalized and nearly died.

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3. Letting Jane Die

Jane's (Krysten Ritter) death is among the most important in the series, and was a huge milestone for Walt on his Heisenberg journey. Walt's face is full of regret as he watches, and its easy to imagine him losing a piece of his soul at this moment. If that weren't enough, Jane's death ultimately leads to the demise of hundreds others in a plane crash.

2. Killing 10 Prisoners

Walt has his biggest Scarface moment when he orchestrates the murder of 10 men who would potentially give him up to the DEA. While we may not have much sympathy for these guys, the scene is horrifying to watch,  and it's pretty messed up how little Walt cares about ending so many lives.

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1. Giving Jesse to the Aryans

One of the most disturbing scenes of the series comes in "Ozymandias," when Walt hands over Jesse – who has at times been like a son to him -- to Uncle Jack (Michael Bowen) to be tortured and murdered.  At one moment, Jesse tells Jack to "wait," and it seems like he's having second thoughts. Not so. Walt twists the knife further by confessing his role in Jane's death.

What's on your list of most evil Walt moments? Sound off in the comments, and take our poll below.

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