'Breaking Bad's' Aaron Paul Was a Contestant on 'The Price Is Right' (Video)

Aaron Paul on 'The Price Is Right' Screengrab - P 2013

Before he was breaking bad, Aaron Paul was a contestant on The Price Is Right.

In a recent appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, the Breaking Bad star talked about his visit to the long-running game show 14 years ago, when Bob Barker was still the host.

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Paul, who attended a taping with his friends, got called down to "contestants' row," where the overly enthusiastic future TV star screamed: "You're the man, Bob!!!!! You're my idol!!!!!!"

Of his enthusiasm, Paul recalled to Leno: "I literally had six cans of Red Bull, obviously."

So how did he do?

Paul made it onto the stage -- after coming the closest to the price of a desk -- where he continued yelling about how much he loved Barker.

"Wow, I look like I'm on meth," the actor quipped to Leno before revealing that he had to leave the desk behind at his former apartment because it was too heavy to move.

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He then advanced to the Showcase Showdown round, where he overbid on a prize package by only $132.

"I was depressed for many, many, many months," Paul said, before adding that one of his friends made it to the Showcase Showdown on another episode that taped the same day and made it up to Paul by taking him along on one of the trips he won.

Watch the video of Paul on The Price Is Right below.