'Breaking Bad's' Bryan Cranston on the Birth of Heisenberg and How the Show Ends (Video)

The actor revealed the origins of Walter White's menacing persona and joked about what happens on the highly anticipated series finale on Thursday night's "Colbert Report."
Bryan Cranston on "The Colbert Report"

Bryan Cranston explained the birth of Heisenberg and joked about the end of Breaking Bad on Thursday night's Colbert Report.

Cranston revealed that Heisenberg might have originated from another menacing character he played.

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After Colbert noted that Cranston's Walter White mask at Comic-Con made him look a bit like James Lipton, the actor went into a brief impersonation of Inside the Actors Studio host, saying, "And then you did The Power Rangers, which was brilliant."

Colbert then freaked out wondering if Cranston was, in fact, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, leading the Breaking Bad star to admit that he provided voices for some of the monsters.

"So now we kind of know where Heisenberg comes from," Colbert said.

"That was the birth of Heisenberg," Cranston explained.

"You were the danger back then," Colbert added.

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The interview then shifted to the question to which all Breaking Bad fans want to know the answer: How's the show going to end?

Colbert claimed that creator Vince Gilligan told him what happens, but then asked Cranston if he was surprised by the outcome and asked, "What is it?"

Cranston jokingly revealed a fake ending, saying "So you already know that Jesse Pinkman has a sex-change operation …"

But he said he could be "bought off" to reveal the real ending. He's just "waiting for the right price."

Watch Colbert's full interview with Cranston below.