Vince Gilligan Struggles to ID Bryan Cranston in 'Which Celebrity Are You?' Game (Video)

How well does Vince Gilligan know his Breaking Bad cast?

Gilligan faced off against staff editor Aaron Couch in a game of "What Celebrity Are You" during the Breaking Bad creator's cover shoot for The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

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Each was assigned a mystery celebrity and had 20 questions to figure out who it was. Gilligan was given Bryan Cranston, while Couch was assigned Cranston's Breaking Bad antihero, Walter White.

Gilligan guessed Breaking Bad stars Aaron Paul and Jonathan Banks, Mad Men creator Matt Weiner and Steven Spielberg -- all before landing on Cranston, who has won three Emmys for his portrayal of Walter White.

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"For f---'s sake," Gilligan said with a smile after finally guessing the correct answer.

Gilligan graces the cover of the Oct. 25 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, in which he also discusses the pressures of following up Breaking Bad. Read the complete story here.