'Breaking In': Alphonso McAuley on Season 2's New Faces, Cash Adventures and 'Big Bang Theory' (Q&A)

"There's going to be an adventure where [Cash is] trying to woo a sandwich girl" and where he "goes through a 'nerd-vention,' " the actor tells THR of new episodes.
Jordin Althaus/FOX
"Breaking In"

Breaking In returns for its sophomore season and some changes are in store for Contra Security.

With guest stars like James Gunn and Samm Levine dropping by, cast member Alphonso McAuley (who plays the nerdy Cash), noted that the Fox show will hunker down and focus more on the core group -- and some new faces that come into the fray, including Megan Mullally, Erin Richards, Lance Krall and Terrel Lee.

"It's more of a connection with those new characters [and] establishing the [dynamics with the] characters in the first season," McAuley tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I think the producers have been moving in the direction where they want to see everybody building that work relationship within the office."

McAuley spills the beans on season 2 adventures, costumes and what TV show his alter-ego Cash would die to be in.

The Hollywood Reporter: What kind of shenanigans do Cash and company get into in the new season?

Alphonso McAuley: There are going to be many different Cash adventures. There's going to be an adventure where he's trying to woo a sandwich girl that he's trying to get in good with and he needs advice from someone in the office and that's going to be an Indiana Jones-type adventure, which is pretty cool. There's going to be another episode where Cash goes through a "nerd-vention" which is like an intervention. We got a lot of costume changes.

THR: You mentioned costume changes. What kind of get-ups does Cash find himself in?

McAuley: I don't want to give them all away, but there are going to be some special surprises. I tweeted out not too long ago one of the costumes. He dresses up finally as Lando Calrissian [from the Star Wars universe]. There's gonna be some Star Wars-themed characters. There's going to be some other comic book-type characters and there's gonna be a platinum titan.

THR: How has it been with Megan Mullally as the new boss?

McAuley: Her character comes right in and she comes in as this quote unquote "new boss" and she makes a smooth transition into that place.

THR: Can you recall any memorable scenes with her?

McAuley: There's a scene we shot last night, we were shooting for till one or two in the morning. Cash needs some cash and she thinks he needs the money for his mom and [Megan's] going in for this whole mom thing and it's really cool. That's going to be a great scene, it's gonna be in a few episodes later on in the season to come.

THR: How has it been going from season 1 to season 2?

McAuley: It's been easy for [the writers] to write for our characters because they know exactly where they want us or what they want us to do. I mean, we fit right in to the mold of characters that they've established. We know pretty much where we're at. The chemistry is even stronger this season and just like with any experience, the chemistry becomes stronger.

THR: Are there any specific things you want Cash to take part in?

McAuley: Cash is such a nerd, it would be cool if he actually met James Cameron or somebody very random where he's like, "Oh my God!" because he's such a nerd.

THR: Can you offer any other nuggets?

McAuley: What we've been shooting is really, really funny. There are going to be jobs and missions that we go on, but definitely you can expect more comedy within the characters in between. Of course they can expect Cash doing his normal nerd Comic-Con adventures.

THR: Lastly, if Cash was watching a TV show today, what would he be obsessed with?

McAuley: He'd probably be into [The] Big Bang Theory. He'd probably want to be on the show or have a line. If he was watching films, of course he'd be into The Avengers and Iron Man and all those Marvel comic characters.

Breaking In premieres Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.