'Breakout Kings': Erica Steps Up (Exclusive Video)

A&E's Breakout Kings is back and the team is stepping up as they cope with Charlie Duchamp's loss.

In a clip from the second episode of the drama's sophomore season, Serinda Swan's Erica Reed is presented with an opportunity to up her role with the Kings and take more of a leadership position among the group.

"I remember reading this scene while shooting in Baton Rouge, and having the loss of Charlie Duchamp really hit," Swan tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's Erica's time to step up, to help lead this team, and I wondered how that would change the dynamic within the cons. Secretly, I hoped it meant more fighting bad guys -- especially Damien Fontleroy -- and possibly the cons would get weapons."

In a clip from Sunday's episode exclusive to THR, Swan gets the opportunity she's been waiting for.

"It's time Erica Reed got to go back to her old hunting days, and when you tune into this season I think you'll be pleasantly surprised," Swan says.

Check out the clip above. Do you think Erica is up for the gig? Breakout Kings airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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