Brian Williams' Nightly Newscast Interrupted By Fire Alarm (Video)

Brian Williams Fire Alarm - H 2011

Brian Williams Fire Alarm - H 2011 

The show must go on. 

Or, at least Brian Williams seems to think so. 

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On Tuesday night, the NBC Nightly News anchor was in the middle of a story on American Airlines, who announced they will file for bankruptcy, when a fire alarm began to sound in the studio where the show tapes.

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At first, Williams tried to ignore the sirens and continue reading his lines over the noise. The anchor eventually addressed the issue, saying "You'll forgive us, we have a fire alarm announcement going on here in the studio," before returning to his script. 

There was a brief pause in the alarm where it seemed to have stopped before an even-louder siren began to sound. Williams quickly threw to an out-of-studio reporter. 

Watch the initial incident below and then another video when the alarm sounds yet again later in the broadcast. 

The alarm returns.