Brian Williams' Nightly Newscast Interrupted By Fire Alarm (Video)

The anchor was in the middle of introducing a report on American Airlines' bankruptcy filing Tuesday when the emergency warning system began to go off (and wouldn't stop) in the studio.

The show must go on. 

Or, at least Brian Williams seems to think so. 

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On Tuesday night, the NBC Nightly News anchor was in the middle of a story on American Airlines, who announced they will file for bankruptcy, when a fire alarm began to sound in the studio where the show tapes.

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At first, Williams tried to ignore the sirens and continue reading his lines over the noise. The anchor eventually addressed the issue, saying "You'll forgive us, we have a fire alarm announcement going on here in the studio," before returning to his script. 

There was a brief pause in the alarm where it seemed to have stopped before an even-louder siren began to sound. Williams quickly threw to an out-of-studio reporter. 

Watch the initial incident below and then another video when the alarm sounds yet again later in the broadcast. 

The alarm returns. 

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