Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon Sexy Up D.C., Slow Jam the News (Video)

After the garden-variety spoken-word conversation about presidential politics, the raid on Osama bin Laden and web GIFs, Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon got the party started.

The fiscal cliff can really make a guy sing.

As Williams read news leads, Fallon and Tarik, the singer of his house band The Roots, brought some soft lounge jazz crooning and more than a few euphemisms to the collaboration.

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“When it comes to raising the debt ceiling, the president is having a hard time getting it up,” Fallon whispered. “Seems the GOP isn't rubbing him the right way, especially with the country $64 trillion in debt.”

“We're still in debt, but it's all right. The United States couldn't get any broker, gotta liquidate its assets like Al Roker,” Fallon added with a soulful croon.

“Ain't nothing worse than a soft Boehner. Ain't nothing worse,” Fallon growled a bit later. “Especially when it starts leaning a little to the left. And it's going to take more than a magic pill like a trillion-dollar coin to stimulate growth in the private sector.”

We also got a new fan fiction proposal: 50 Shades of Brian Williams. Bravo, BriWillie.

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