Brian Williams Talks Politics, Occupy Wall Street on 'Late Show' (Video)

David Letterman praised the New York protests, although he admitted he didn’t know why they were demonstrating.
NBC news

The night before his new news show was announced to be taking the time slot of axed NBC drama The Playboy Club, Brian Williams dropped by The Late Show with David Letterman to talk about politics.

Williams, who moderated a GOP debate, spoke about his experience hosting the event. Letterman spoke about Texas Governor Rick Perry’s response to Williams questions about executions. Letterman calls the candidate a “right-wing conservative psych job,” but Williams stays as neutral as he can.

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“In a Republican primary, you run far to the right. And then, when general election season comes around, you run right up the middle,” said Williams. “You have to appeal to a broad population. Right now, it’s the party stalwarts. You can’t say something shocking enough to these crowds. You have to keep tacking to the right of your opponent. This will all settle down though comments last forever.”

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They then go on to talk about the Occupy Wall Street protests, which Letterman says he fully supports.  “I don’t know what they’re demonstrating about down on Wall Street,  but I’m happy that it’s going on,” he said. “I have come to believe that the only change that ever is affected in this country comes via demonstrations.”

“Well, we certainly saw it in the 1960s,” said Williams.

Williams will host a new news magazine, Rock Center with Brian Williams, on NBC beginning Oct. 31. The show will feature Harry Smith, Kate Snow and other correspondents and anchors at NBC News.

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