Brian Williams Plans 'Nightly News' Return After Labor Day

The host had taken a several-week leave of absence from the anchor's desk to undergo knee-replacement surgery.
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Brian Williams

After a several-week leave of absence to undergo knee-replacement surgery, Brian Williams will be back at his Nightly News anchor's desk after the holiday weekend.

On NBC News, Lester Holt, the Nightly News fill-in host, informed viewers that Williams was given the go-ahead from his doctors and would return to work the Tuesday after Labor Day.  

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In a discussion between Williams and NBC News' Dr. Nancy Snyderman, the anchor describes the recovery from surgery and ensuing physical therapy.  

"I have worked hard with a lot of help from really good physical therapists," said Williams. "You have to be a motivated patient, and I was a motivated patient. I was motivated to get out of 30 years of knee pain."

Williams announced the surgery on his Aug. 1 show in a segment on chronic knee pain.