Brian Williams' 'Rock Center' Premiere: What the Viewers Are Saying

The new newsmagazine, which debuted Monday night, included a segment where the host riffed on the trick-or-treating habits of upper-class New Yorkers with Jon Stewart.
Patrick Kramer/NBC
Brian Williams, left, and Harry Smith

NBC debuted Brian Williams' new newsmagazine Rock Center on Monday night.

The premiere of the multi-topic program, which takes over the 10 p.m. time slot from the recently canceled drama The Playboy Club, featured reports from Williams as well as correspondents Harry Smith, Kate Snow and Richard Engel.

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For their first stories, Snow investigated women who are shelling out money to come from China to America in order to give birth and go home with a U.S. citizenship, Engel gave a report on anti-government activists in Syria. and Smith visited the one place in the U.S. where it has a negative unemployment rate.

The show ended with a segment during which Williams and The Daily Show host Jon Stewart riffed on the trick-or-treating habits of upper-class New Yorkers.

Very few reviews have surfaced of the new show, though the Washington Post's headline called it "assured, brish and a tad sarcastic."

So what did the viewers think? Several hit Twitter to give their opinions Monday night. Among their tweets:

Jake Beemer
Alright. I thought Rock Center was good. Well played Brian Williams. #rockcenter

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Rock Center with Brian Williams caught me off guard tonight. I don't usually fancy any televised news, but this one may be an exception.

Stephen Fesler
Jon Stewart on Rock Center with Brian Williams was great. Also, fantastic new @NBC show.

AnnMichelle Hart
I'm liking Rock Center w/Brian Wilson. Don't get to watch eve news, so getting top stories in expanded & informal manner w/some fun is good!

Joshua Kagi
Not sure about NBC's Rock Center. Has decent potential, but if 60 Minutes is the goal, they have a very long way to go. #YourTargetDemo

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Not very happy w/ Brian Williams' new "news" show 'Rock Center'. Lots of sensationalism, US-standard mediocre news analysis

Pearce Cleaveland is Brian Williams' Rock Center just a Daily Show for aging Daily Show viewers?

Wait, Rock Center with Brian Williams isn't a sitcom?! I feel so foolish.

James Raia
Watching new news show, Rock Center. First impression: It's flat. Editing uneven. Nothing to make folks tune in week after week at 10 pm.

Brian Williams and Jon Stewart, I love you, but your banter did not work on the new show Rock Center. #nochemistry

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Luke Thomas
Wow, NBC's Rock Center is an incredibly vapid show. That's a competitor to 60 Minutes? Here's a recommendation: watch PBS' Frontline instead

Josh Haskell
Rock Center was great until segment with John Stewart #bizarre #phonybanter #sticktojournalism

Charles Pulliam
Brian Williams is the bomb. I like him hosting a news show. It seems like a good mix of news/entertainment. Rock Center = A-

Adam Baker
#RockCenter: Great content, terrible name. Brian didn't sell me with the "Welcome to Rockefeller Center, Rock Center for short" line either

Owen Strachan
Rock Center on NBC is actually pretty cool. Wild report had journo breaking into Syria (!)

Jamie DeLoma
Watching "Rock Center" on NBC. Turn it on. You won't be disappointed.