Bristol Palin: 5 Secrets from Her New Memoir

Bristol Palin - Good Morning America - 2011
Ida Mae Astute/ABC

We’re still a week away from the release of Bristol Palin’s memoir, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far. but the details are already coming out thanks to an advance copy purchased by the Associated Press.

Here are five revelations coming out from the 20-year-old's memoir.

1. Palin writes she lost her virginity to Levi Johnston, her then boyfriend, on a camping trip with friends. According to Palin, that night she became drunk for the first time, and later had no memory of the encounter. She writes she had planned on remaining abstinent until marriage.

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2. Palin describes suffering through Johnston's infidelities, with whom she has a son. She writes Johnston cheated on her “as frequently as he sharpened his hockey skates."

3. Palin’s parents, Todd and Sarah, were apparently quite supportive when she told them about her pregnancy in 2008. They spoke with her about her future and her education.

4. The morning her mother was announced as Sen. John McCain’s running mate, Palin and her siblings were awoken by their father and told they were going on a surprise trip. They ended up in Dayton, Ohio, where McCain made the announcement.

5. Bristol had one reaction when she learned Johnston had posed nude for Playgirl: “Puke!” In another point in the book, she refers to Johnston as "the gnat."

The memoir was co written with Nancy French and is being published by William Morrow.

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