Bristol Palin Got Pregnant, Because She Was Jealous of Sarah, says Levi Johnston (Video)

He talks to Wendy Williams about some of the revelations from his new tell-all book.

Levi Johnston appeared on The Wendy Williams Show Wednesday to talk about his new tell-all book, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs, which released earlier this week. Of course, the talk diva got Johnston to talk about some of the more juicier parts of the book.

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During the interview, he says that Bristol Palin wanted to get pregnant, because she was jealous of her mother Sarah Palin’s pregnancy with her brother, Trig. And obviously, fellow guest Roseanne Barr had never heard of Teen Mom syndrome.

“Sarah had Trig and that really sparked [Bristol] to have a child,” Johnston explains. “We previously talked about it, but that’s what really got her going on it.”

“She was really jealous,” he tells an incredulous Barr later. “And that’s what sparked us to have a child.”

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He goes on to talk about being extremely sexually active with Bristol for years, and how her parents made them get engaged the first time around. He even admits that he believes he would still be with Bristol if it hadn’t been for the media circus that surrounded them.

Watch the interview below.

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