Britney Spears Joins Jimmy Fallon for Latest "Ew!" Sketch

Britney Spears was the latest star to join Jimmy Fallon on his popular "Ew!" sketch series on Thursday night's Tonight Show.

In the clip Sara (Fallon) reunites with "BFF" Abby (Spears), who she originally met a sleepaway camp, for a sleepover at her house. When they first meet up, Abby compliments Sara on how good she looked in her poison ivy rashes at camp. "The camp nurse went through two crates of calamine lotion, it was nasty," Sara laughs.

Abby also brings Sara the mermaid pillow she forgot at camp, whose sequins Sara brushes over to reveal the logo for "Ew!" Abby also updates Sara on the fact that she's still obsessed with horses and wants to have "like 40" when she grows up.

The two show each other their #ThrowbackThursday photos that they're going to post to Instagram and muse that they're too old to be campers next year but not old enough to be counselors. "I'm not a girl ...," Sara begins. "Not yet a woman," Spears sings, as per Spears' 2001 song.

At the end of the video the pair follows "Ew!" tradition by performing an "Ew!" speed round. Spears said "Ew!" to "matcha-flavored ice cream" and "sun-dried tomatoes" but "so cute" to Steve Carell. "He's, like, a really talented actor, have you ever seen Despicable Me 3?" She also said "cute" to Las Vegas because she said she could see living there, like Spears has for her "Piece of Me" Las Vegas residency.