'Broad City' Is Now Bleeping Trump on the Internet, Too

The Comedy Central series, which is censoring the president's name on its latest season, has now launched a "Trump-No-More" browser extension.
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Broad City made headlines over the summer when co-creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson announced they planned to censor President Donald Trump's name on their new season, which is currently airing on Comedy Central. Now, the comedy is taking that vow one step further by lending its brand to the available Trump filters on the internet.

On Wednesday, Comedy Central announced a new browser extension themed around the show, which stars Glazer and Jacobson as 20-somethings in the  New York City-set coming-of-age sitcom. The fourth season firmly places its stars in Trump's America.

"Tired of hearing the president's name or even reading it online? Broad City definitely is," a statement from the network explains. "In honor of tonight's "Tr**-heavy episode," the network released the filter that "just like this season of Broad City, will censor Tr**p's name, but this time across the internet."

Once downloaded and installed, the "Trump-No-More" tool converts every text mention of Trump to  Tr**p, as shown in the announcement video below.

The Broad City team worked with a developer to build the custom extension for Google Chrome, with the idea sprouting from themes tackled during the season. Other similar extensions available will remove Trump completely from the browser, but the Broad City minds, led by Jacobson and Glazer, wanted a tool that would allow show viewers to stay informed, but without having to be constantly confronted with his name.

During Wednesday's episode, titled "Witches" and airing at 10:30 p.m., the Trump bleeps will be flying when Ilana visits a sex therapist with an election-related issue.  

The extension is available now at www.broadcity.com.