'Broad City' Duo Wants to Do a Musical Episode With Rachel Bloom

Broad City Season Three
Comedy Central

Broad City has had its fair share of musical moments throughout its three seasons — including Abbi's (Abbi Jacobson) jazz singer alter ego Val and Whoopi Goldberg reprising her Sister Act character for a fantasy sequence — but the best might be yet to come.

When The Hollywood Reporter asked the team if they would do a full musical episode, they deferred to another hot TV show for help.

"I would call Rachel Bloom," Ilana Glazer revealed at the red carpet for Broad City's Tribeca Film Festival panel. "I would be like, "Can you write this for us?'"

Considering the Golden Globe-winning Crazy Ex Girlfriend star and creator was Glazer's college roommate, it's plausible — if they do it carefully.

"I feel like it would have to be a fantasy sequence. It doesn't feel totally right, but it's not totally off the table," Jacobson said, adding that "Whoopi Goldberg felt like our musical episode." Although it might not be in the cards yet, she noted that "Ilana has an amazing voice."

If they do end up writing their own musical or consulting Bloom, writer-director Lucia Aniello has a specific game plan.

"There's a J.Lo side of New York City with song and dance that we haven't really done yet, so maybe there can be a Brooklyn- and Bronx-themed musical," she suggested. "I think it's time to get Ilana's pipes out there. And also her brother Eliot [Glazer] is an incredible singer, so we'd be idiots not to use him."

Writer and star Paul W. Downs, who plays Trey, suggested karaoke as a final idea. "I guarantee you that the Soulstice trainers do karaoke," he said. "It's such a trainer thing, and a very organic way to get singing into the show."

Broad City's season three finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.