'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Cast Teases "Romance and Tragedy" in Season Finale

“Someone is leaving the Nine-Nine,” co-star Melissa Fumero tells THR.
Courtesy of FOX

Change is a’ coming to the Brooklyn’s 99th precinct.

The Fox cop comedy from Parks and Recreation’s Mike Schur and Dan Goor wraps up its second season Sunday with an episode that finds flirty co-workers Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) going undercover once again to catch a bad guy.

Only this time, there may be more than police action involved — despite Amy’s insistence that she would no longer date cops.

“Stuff happens,” a coy Fumero said with a laugh of the relationship between her neurotic Amy and Samberg’s goofy Jake. “There’s definitely a lot of forward movement and momentum with them in this finale.”

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Adds Samberg: “There’s definitely a change [between Jake and Amy]. It’s a tricky dance. Life takes you where it takes you and the show is doing a good job showing that.”

Could those new changes be at all related to the cast’s tease that two characters would share, in the words of Chelsea Peretti, a “long-awaited kiss,” which may endanger “many couches [as] people will throw themselves at them in excitement?”

Well, while the cast remained mum at first, Joe Lo Truglio who play’s Jake’s bromantic partner and ravenous foodie Boyle, spilled the beans to The Hollywood Reporter, and revealed that, yes, “Jake and Amy finally lock lips.” Truglio was mum, however, on the circumstances of said kiss, only noting that twosome do go undercover as a newly engaged couple to surveil their mark.

However, romance is not the only big twist in this finale. “You can expect some smooching and some departures, teased Peretti, who plays ridiculous assistant Gina. “[It’s] the classic one-two punch of romance and tragedy.”

“There’s an exodus at the end of the episode,” confirmed Andre Braugher (Capt. Holt). It’s one of the many issues Holt will have to deal with, however, as he also attempts to deal with bureau chief (and his arch-enemy) Madeline Wuntch’s (Kyra Sedgwick) latest power play to try to promote him to a high-profile desk job.

“It’s nice to have a nemesis,” said Braugher, who also lamented that he broke character on set 13 times this season as opposed to last season’s eight. “It really wakes up something inside of Holt to know that he’s not all about business, that there’s a personal, passionate relationship with a superior and there’s history there.”

When asked what their favorite moments of the season were, the cast had trouble focusing on a single one, instead espousing short lists of lines and episodes they enjoyed. Among the cast’s favorites? Truglio really loved Jake and Boyle’s steak out “No-No” board, while the “Beach House” with “six drinks” Amy and the team awkwardly involving Holt was an across the board favorite.

For co-creator Schur, however, there was a slightly different answer. “[Originally] I thought that ‘Detective Dave Majors’ was my favorite episode until Dan [Goor] finished editing the finale.”

He finished, with a smile, “I think after watching the finale, [my favorite] might actually be the finale.”

Excited for the season finale? Have theories on who will leave the Nine-Nine? Sound off in the comments below! The season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on Fox. Stay tuned to The Live Feed for more coverage after the episode.

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