'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Reveals Gina's Fate

Andy Samberg spoke to THR about the cliffhanger resolution.
John P. Fleenor/FOX
Chelsea Peretti on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for Tuesday's midseason premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "The Audit."]

Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine has gone the cliffhanger route before (see: pretty much any of the show's three season finales). But the episode that closed out the first half of season four was unlike anything the comedy had ever done: Gina (Chelsea Peretti) was slammed by a bus, her fate unknown.

"This was much more of a 'what just happened' as opposed to a 'what might happen next,'" Andy Samberg tells The Hollywood Reporter.

But, as the midseason premiere episode, "The Audit," revealed, Gina is very much alive — just confined to a pretty extensive (and kind of hilarious) full-body brace. Samberg tells THR that he thought her survival was the plan all along.

"As far as I know, she was always going to be okay and it was just going to be a funny sight gag, and then it looked so crazy, it made people wonder if she was dead a lot more," he says.

And Peretti's real-life pregnancy announcement, which came a month after the fateful episode aired, also worried fans. 

"She announced that after it was written," Samberg says, "so a lot of people were like, 'Oh, she's going to leave the show because she's going to have a baby.' Which worked out beautifully in terms of intrigue!"

The episode also revealed that the precinct is potentially on the chopping block as the Brooklyn P.D. powers that be plan to shut one of the squads down, so the underdog unit will have to fight to keep their jobs.

"Well, they are a ragtag group of kids playing Little League baseball — I mean, cops," Samberg says of their perpetual underdog status. "I don't know! Hopefully we'll stay on long enough for us to not be the underdogs anymore. But I think it fits really nicely with all of their personalities. They do kind of operate in their own universe, the squad of the Nine-Nine, so I think there's a lot of room for them to grow and make progress both personally and in their careers, and hopefully that's where it goes."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.