'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Boards Cliffhanger Bus With Surprising Fall Finale

B99 still_publicity - H 2016
John P Fleenor/Fox

B99 still_publicity - H 2016

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from "The Fugitive Parts 1 and 2" of Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine.]

Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine just wrapped its fall run Sunday with … a cliffhanger?!

The fourth-year comedy took a page from The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and left the fate of one of its series regulars hanging in the balance at the end of its two-part episode.

Chelsea Peretti's Gina Linetti may have predicted her own demise when she told Charles that she'd "rather get hit by a bus than get one more text" from him. After retraining Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) in group texting etiquette, Gina is suddenly struck by a bus after receiving another text from him. "Way to go, Charles!" she says while looking at her phone and failing to see the oncoming bus.

Here, Brooklyn Nine-Nine showrunner talks with THR about the decision behind the cliffhanger, if this is the end for Gina and how the whole thing may impact the rest of the Nine-Nine.

What was behind the idea to end the first half of the season in such a shocking fashion?

Mostly we were motivated by the thought that Gina getting hit by a bus would be really funny (and shocking). Also, we legitimately wondered who would win in a Gina vs. bus battle. 

The show hasn't been renewed yet. How much of the cliffhanger was done to cut through the cluttered scripted landscape?

We try not to worry too much about being renewed or not — our philosophy has always been to put down our heads and make the best, funniest, most interesting show we can. In that vein, Gina getting slammed into by an MTA bus at 45 mph, seemed right on track.

Is Gina dead? Will we see Chelsea again?

Watch and find out! Again, I think another valid question is: did the bus survive? Either way, audiences will see Chelsea again — she is a force of nature and one of the greatest comic minds out there.

Gina says she'd rather get hit by a bus than get another text from Charles. What does it say about her that she actually does get hit by a bus when she gets another from him?

When you have the kind of cosmic power that Gina Linetti possesses, you definitely have to be careful with your words.

What kind of feedback did the network and studio have when they read the script?

They were very supportive of the Gina-getting-hit-by-a-bus twist. And they were definitely into the cliffhanger-y-ness of it. I think if they had their druthers, a character would get hit by a bus every episode.

How much time will have passed when the season returns in a few months?

Three months or so.

How might this experience change Gina, should she survive?

Great question. A) Can a force of nature be changed by just one experience? B) How will the universe be changed by Gina?

How will Gina's death/near death impact the rest of the Nine-Nine?

Gina is at the very heart of the Nine-Nine's spirit, so the squad is dramatically impacted by her every move; including, but not limited to, her "getting hit by bus" moves. 

What did you think of the episode? Fox has yet to schedule Brooklyn Nine-Nine's return but it is expected to be back in the spring.