Bruce Jenner Scolds Jimmy Fallon Over Plastic Surgery Jokes (Video)

Bruce Jenner
T. Conrad/AdMedia/Newscom


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Jimmy Fallon didn't get a word in edgewise when Bruce Jenner appeared on his late-night show Tuesday. The reality TV dad and former Olympian gleefully regaled the studio audience with the story of how he once approached Fallon and demanded the host quit making plastic surgery jokes at his expense.

Jenner, smirking, recalled how great he felt afterward and said Fallon was a "wimp" and visibly nervous during the encounter. (Fallon disputes this.)

At one point in the one-sided conversation, Jenner name-dropped daughter Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, saying: "Kanye is really pissed -- my good friend Kanye."

Watch the awkwardness unfold below.