Bruce Willis Fields 'Die Hard' Movie Pitches in 'SNL' Promos (Video)

The star and "Weekend Update" co-anchor Cecily Strong also mocked the roles Willis often plays.

Bruce Willis hits the Saturday Night Live stage this weekend.

The actor teamed up with SNL regular Cecily Strong, who began anchoring "Weekend Update" this season, for a slew of promos, the majority of which focused on Willis' action-movie prowess.

In one of the promos, Strong pitched a few Die Hard movies -- Live Hard Die Hard, Die Hard Play Hard and Live and Let Die Hard -- with the latter striking a chord. So much so that Willis jokingly pulled out his phone to call -- who else? -- Hollywood. "I think we got something for ya...." (Willis has starred in five Die Hard movies since 1988.)

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Another promo saw Willis reading a last-minute set of cue cards at Strong's insistence, with him playing the hero and her portraying a damsel in distress. "You, Cecily Strong, are beautiful!" he says passionately while embracing Strong. "Scene," Strong says.

Willis also showed off his harmonica "skills," Strong tried out her impression of Willis -- much to his chagrin -- and the two acted out a typical scene in a high-octane action thriller.

Katy Perry is the musical guest. Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. PT/ET on Saturday on NBC. Willis next stars in 2014's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Watch the set of promos below:

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