Bryan Cranston, Lana Condor Perform 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before'-Inspired Musical

Bryan Cranston and Lana Condor-Getty-Split-H 2019
Walter McBride/Getty Images; Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Bryan Cranston and Lana Condor joined Jimmy Fallon in a To All the Boys I've Loved Before-inspired musical sketch titled "To All the Me's I Was Before" on Thursday's episode of NBC's The Tonight Show.

The sketch opened with football player Tommy (Fallon) and cheerleader Stacey (Condor) discussing a recent high school football game in the cafeteria.

When the school nerd Randy (Cranston) asked to sit at their table, other football players told him to go away.

"I'm so fed up with all these labels. There's more to us than all that, guys. There's more to all of us," said Tommy. 

Music then began to play. "You know me as a jock/ I'm the hottest guy on the block," he sang. "But what you don't know/ There's someone hiding inside/ Someone who likes to knit/ And guess what — I'm that guy."

Other students in the cafeteria joined Fallon and danced during the chorus. "So to all the me's I was before/ I don't have to be them no more/ 'Cause it's okay/ Okay to be me," he continued to sing.

Inspired by Tommy's revelation, Stacey decided to share something about who she used to be. "I wear this uniform everyday/ And when I wear it things go my way/ But I have something that I need to say/ I'm a gamer and I love video games," she sang.

"I'll go! I'll go!" exclaimed Randy. Tommy encouraged the school nerd to share his hidden self.

"One time I walked in/ On my parents having sex/ And I didn't leave right away/ No, I took a long time 'til I left," he sang as his peers uncomfortably watched. "But now I know that it's okay/ 'Cause you're telling me to say/ All my secrets and here's the truth/ From my parents, I learned some moves/ To all my me's I was before/ And to my parents for not locking the door/ 'Cause it's okay/ Okay to be me."

After Randy's awkward verse, Tommy and Stacey explained that he misunderstood the purpose of the song. Randy decided to give the song another shot, though his second try wasn't well received.

"I know it's not very cool/ That I walk home after school/ But one time on my walk I saw/ A guy get hit by a car," he sang as Tommy and Stacey gave him confused looks. "Turns out he was fine/ I didn't know at the time/ I just took my phone and recorded it all/ Then I put it on YouTube and I got lots of hits/ But now I know not to be ashamed of it."

When Tommy stopped the performance, Randy asked what was wrong. "So many things are wrong," replied Tommy.

Stacey suggested that Randy share a less intense secret, though the nerd then shared that he pretended to faint at the Women's March so that he would be carried for the remainder of it and that ISIS once retweeted him.

"I think the takeaway here is that while it's good to share some things, we don't always have to share everything," said Tommy.

The sketch concluded with another musical number. "But not everything needs to be known," sang Tommy. Stacey continued, "And not every part of us needs to be shown."

"And now we know the truth to be/ That it's okay /Okay to be me," the three characters sang in unison as the rest of the students danced behind them.

"I once stole a baby," said Randy at the end of the song.

Watch the full sketch, below.