Bryan Cranston Promotes 'Breaking Bad,' and 'Argo,' in London, Talks Future Plans

Breaking Bad - H 2012
Sony Pictures Television

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul swung by a London art gallery Monday night to make an appearance at a Sony Pictures Television event in celebration of the AMC hit show's fifth season.

The event at The Gallery SoHo, next to the British capital's famous book store Foyle's, featured more than a dozen art works inspired by the series that were created as part of the Breaking Bad Art Project, which was previously also on display in LA.

The set-up reflected key themes of the show. For example, a bar area featured not only drinks, but also - for decorative purposes only - glasses and containers for the mixing of chemicals. And hors d'oeuvres were served by young women wearing safety goggles.

Cranston said he had a few potential projects in the pipeline and confirmed to THR that he was hoping to direct, at some point, a murder mystery he has been writing. He didn't share further details about the project, which he has previously mentioned, or its timing, but said he had no title for it and may also play a role, but not a lead role, in it.

Cranston attended the event despite a busy work schedule. He is also in London to attend the BFI London Film Festival where Ben Affleck's political drama Argo, in which he plays a veteran CIA man, is screening. He said he will then move on to the film festival in Dublin where it will also be shown.

At the London gallery Monday night, an introductory note said: "To celebrate the launch of season 5 and honor a show truly kep alive by its fan community, 16 of the top artists and graphic designers have been commissioned to create screenprints depicting some of the series' most memorable scenes, characters and shocking moments."

Among the artworks were "Jane's Death" by Frank Kozik, which included a green close-up of Cranston's character Walter White next to a lying woman with the words "Plane Crash Kills" at the top, "Jesse Pinkman" by Rhys Cooper, which featured  Aaron Paul's show character in red, black and white, and a green/black/white painting called "Breaking Bad" by Ken Taylor.

A video wall played scenes from the show, and partygoers - including the show's star himself - also had fun with a cardboard cutout of Cranston's White in his underpants, and gun in his hand, that allowed people to put their faces through a hole in the head for souvenir photos.

Among the Breaking Bad fans spotted at the party were Harry Potter star Tom Felton, comedian Richard Herring, actress Tracy-Ann Oberman and Chris Difford.