Bryan Cranston Sings About Mortgages and Credit Scores in James Corden's Grown-Man Boy Band

Bryan Cranston Boy Band Late Show H 2015

Bryan Cranston Boy Band Late Show H 2015

Bryan Cranston knows two things: He "loves you and how to barbecue."

The Trumbo star stopped by Thursday's Late Late Show to join Reggie Watts and James Corden to form the band M3n Not Boyz and, dressed in all-white, '90s-esque outfits, the trio performed a clever track called "I Can't Be Your Boy (Cuz I'm a Grown Man)."

"Eventually, boy bands grow up into man bands with a whole new set of problems and totally different ways to love you," prefaced host Corden before the three sang about Viagra pills and minivans.

"Hey, girl, I know you've been with boys before, but now you're all done with that," said Cranston with a fauxhawk hairdo during a Boyz II Men-like introduction. "You need someone who's gonna be there for you, someone who's gonna stand up for you, someone who still doesn't believe in ATMs or emojis. You need a grown man."

Though the three admitted they don't understand Snapchat, EDM or CrossFit, they crooned about high credit scores, responsible mortgages, rotated tires and finished wills.

And, as Watts noted, "I like my phone font the larger size. You're like my phone font: easy on the eyes."

Watch the video below.