'Burn Notice' Creator Matt Nix: 'Michael Really Screws Up' in Season 5

The showrunner reveals to THR which episode from the upcoming season made him cry.
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"Burn Notice"

With the veteran USA drama Burn Notice set to return for its fifth season on Thursday night, it takes a lot to surprise creator and showrunner Matt Nix.

"It's funny, it always freaks me out when the new season comes along as far as the world is concerned," Nix tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I, of course, have been working on it for a really long time so it doesn't feel that new to me." (Filming is currently taking place on episode 10 out of 18.)

But when Season 5 begins to unravel, there is one thing that will be different with Burn Notice: former burned spy Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) finds himself in a lot of trouble -- partially of his own doing.

"We've tried to do something special with every episode so that third episode contains something we hadn't done before, which is Michael really screws up," Nix reveals. "He really makes a bad mistake. And it's kind of not his fault and it kind of is his fault. He's always been great at everything."

"What do you do if you've made a terrible miscalculation?," Nix asks.

When the fourth season wrapped up last December, Michael found himself back in the fold in the intelligence community after years of laying low (well, not really) in Miami and taking in his own clients. 

There was one episode, specifically, that affected Nix more than he could have thought.

"The one that popped into my head was the seventh episode, which is the episode that made me cry when I watched it," he said, not revealing any specific details of the plot. The writer and I "both welled up when I pitched it and then he wrote this scene and made it even better. Then we shot the scene and he texted me from set, 'Oh, it's so good.' I watched it and I lost it."

All Nix would say of the episode seven? "It's a great episode for dads," he teased.

'Burn Notice' Creator Matt NIx: 'Michael Really Screws Up' in Season 5

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