'Burn Notice': Michael and Fiona Flirt While Taking Down Anson (Exclusive Video)

Anson is having a ball blackmailing Michael and Fiona on Burn Notice, but now it's the dynamic duo's chance to pull one over the evil genius. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip that shows just how they'll attempt to emerge from the darkness -- and even a hint of flirting.

In "Necessary Evil," airing Thursday, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) runs point on a CIA rescue mission involving a scientist kidnapped by a warlord. He and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) take it upon themselves to break into -- literally -- a skyscraper in order to gain an upper hand in their battle with Anson (Jere Burns), the man who burned Michael.

If the two-minute scene is any indication, there is no other pair than Michael and Fiona who can pull off a task of that caliber. And there is even a hint of flirting going on while the two hang hundreds of feet above the ground pretending to be window washers. "A burlap sack would be an improvement," Fiona says in the clip as she fiddles with her drab-looking uniform. ("You really want to argue at 300 feet in the air?" is another memorable Fiona quote.)

"I think that they are gung-ho," Anwar tells THR of Michael and Fiona's motivation to get out of their current situation. "This character [Anson] has been infiltrating their lives for so many years and has been so clever, so cautious and so cunning, that they manage to weave such a complicated web over the course of so many years -- using family members and having incredible intelligence regarding Michael."

She added: "Now, we're trying to catch up with how deep this man has dug this grave. There's plenty of hope, but this character is probably a significant match for Michael's wiles."

Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on the USA Network.