'The Cape' Finale to Be Streamed Online

"The Cape"

The first nine episodes of NBC's The Cape have aired, but what about that last episode?

For those who want to finish off the season, the 10th episode will be available online tonight at midnight on the official NBC website

The episode order for The Cape was decreased from 13 episodes to 10 after ratings continued to drop. The 9th episode aired Feb. 28 on NBC.

Here is the official synopsis for what NBC is calling the season finale (but could very much be the "series finale"): 

Police Chief Marty Voyt (Dorian Missick) lands behind bars, in the hands of ARK Corporation, fearing he may receive the same fate as Vince (David Lyons). Attempting to learn more about Vince’s disappearance, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) takes on Marty’s case, and the impervious ARK Corporation , only to  discover secrets of betrayal. The Cape’s double identity becomes blurred when Max (Keith David) and the carnival of crime attempt to protect Dana, Marty and his family. James Frain (Peter), Summer Glau (Orwell), Ryan Wynott (Trip), Vinnie Jones (Scales) and Martin Klebba (Rollo) also star.

Will you be tuning in?