'Captain America: Civil War': Robert Downey Jr. Talks Seeing His "Beautiful" Younger Self Onscreen

Robert Downey Jr Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show H 2016
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Robert Downey Jr Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show H 2016

Robert Downey Jr. was pretty excited about seeing his younger self in Captain America: Civil War.

"You meet Tony and he's actually demonstrating a type of technology, but you see him when he was, like, 20 [years old]," he explained to the Tonight Show audience on Thursday night's episode.

Host Jimmy Fallon noted that the Marvel moment made him gasp and freaked him out.

The actor then said, "It freaked me the heck out! I was like, 'My God, he was beautiful! What happened?'"

Downey noted there's a bit of improv in the film as well.

"When you're standing around set for hours, you think of dumb stuff to say, and sometimes you say it when they're rolling."

While on The Tonight Show, Downey also shared a clip of Iron Man's new technology in action, and gave Fallon some elaborate lessons in dramatic acting.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters today, May 6.

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