Carrie Fisher’s 50-Pound Weight Loss: THR Readers Sound Off

Many of you are happy for the actress, but some of you are decidedly skeptical.

Carrie Fisher appeared on Wednesday’s Today show and revealed that she had lost 50 pounds. Viewers seemed shocked by the results and the actress and author showed she could keep her sense of humor about her weight loss journey.

VIDEO: Carrie Fisher Shows Off 50-Pound Weight Loss on 'Today'

“I couldn’t leave [the house] to go shopping, because they didn’t have sizes,” Fisher, 54, tells Ann Curry about being overweight. “I exhausted the alphabet on bra sizes, moved into Sanskrit. I didn’t know they had the bra size I ended up with.”

Fisher’s candor about her weight loss was returned in kind by The Hollywood Reporter’s readers. We found that your comments ranged from congratulatory to skeptical.

From what you've told us, we got the feel that most of you were very happy for the actress. There was a contingent of readers, though, that either didn’t believe that Fisher lost her weight totally with the Jenny Craig program or felt she didn’t appear healthy at her new weight.

Here are some of the comments that stood out for us.

Note: Some comments have been edited for style, clarity, or length.

Thumbs up

"I think she looks great. She seems a little tired, but if she's touring in a show she's up till 1 a.m. every night working and this show was probably filmed in the morning! And if she lost 50 pounds over nine months that's just 5 pounds a month, very doable with proper diet and/ or exercise. I've lost that much per month through healthy eating/ calorie reduction alone. So lay off my Princess" – Carriefan

"Hats off to her no matter how she did it. I've known people who have done surgeries, etc, and still can't pull it off ... too bad some people are so down on others' success." – Guestofdisqus

"She looks terrific. What are you people going on about?" – BongBong

"Incredible! She looks so much better!" -- David on Facebook

"Awesome! She has had a hard life carrying the extra baggage. Now, she is free!" -- Edward on Facebook

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Thumbs down

"She doesn't look or sound very healthy to me. Something else is going on there, I fear. Sorry, but she just doesn't seem the perfect spokesperson for Jenny Craig at the moment." – iKeziah

"I lost 40 pounds in 5 months, so it is possible… Unfortunately, she looks like she is 70 years old. I'm two years younger than she is and I could easily pass for her son. I know I'm used to seeing her as she was 34 years ago, but she hasn't aged well at all. I wish she would lighten her hair; it would make her look younger I think.” -- Blake

“This is called ‘liposuction’ boys and girls...” – Chet on Facebook

"I thought the purpose of losing weight was to both feel AND look good -- she doesn't look good with that misshapen face -- don't even recognize her!!" -- Joelle

What is your opinion on Fisher’s recent weight loss?


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