Carson Kressley Says Goodbye to Tight-knit 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast

"It felt like we belonged," says Kressley. "That's something that I've never really felt."
Adam Taylor/Warner Bros.

There's been a palpable camaraderie backstage at Dancing With the Stars this season. Contestants butt into each other's interviews freely, talk about their barbecues at David Arquette's house and plan Sunday night gatherings where they perform trial runs of their dances for the group.  

It's the kind of chemistry you don't expect from a random assortment of celebrities, competing against one another on a reality series. And with Carson Kressley's week 5 departure, that group is now down its comedic relief.

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"At the end when they played the montage, I was like, oh my god, I died," he said backstage after his elimination. "I even started to well up a little bit. Am I going to fade out and there's going to be a date?"

Instead of an "in memoriam," the house band started to play Wham's "Careless Whisper" -- it was '80s week, after all -- and Kressley immediately objected to the lyrics.

"I am going to dance again," he said, clutching parnter Anna Trebunskaya. "We're gonna go to nationals, dammit!" (It was hard for him to break character after 24 hours in a cheerleader outfit.)

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In all seriousness, Kressley says he was moved by the showing of affection from the rest of the Top 8 when it was time for him to go.

"From the moment I met Anna to the moment they said, 'you have to go home' and everyone surrounded us and hugged us, it felt like we belonged," he said. "That's something that I've never really felt."

Kressley almost started to well up, and then Nancy Grace came over and planted a huge kiss on his lips.

"I kissed an HLN reporter, and I liked it," he screamed, restoring the humor to the room.