'The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey': Investigators Land on Theory of Brother Burke Ramsey

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'The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey'/CBS

After going through the evidence and conducting interviews with some of those involved in the case, a panel of law enforcement specialists all agreed on the theory that Burke Ramsey killed his sister, JonBenet, during Christmas 1996. 

Retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente and former Scotland Yard criminal behavior expert Laura Richards worked with specialists for the CBS two-part special, The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey. The series premiered Sunday night. 

The panel of investigators included forensic linguistics expert James Fitzgerald, famed criminologist Werner Spitz, former Boulder Country District Attorney's Office investigator James Kolar, statement analyst Stan Burke and forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee. 

Everyone on the panel settled on the theory that the then 9-year-old Burke — who, along with his parents, has always maintained his innocence — killed then 6-year-old JonBenet by accident in a fit of rage, perhaps over a toy or her eating his food. 

The seasoned investigators also asserted that John and Patsy Ramsey concocted the entire kidnapping scenario to confuse authorities and spare Burke.

"I don't think Burke was involved in the cover-up," Fitzgerald said. 

Clemente added, "In my opinion, the Ramsey family did not want law enforcement to solve this case, and that's why it remains unsolved." 

During the two-night series, investigators looked at numerous pieces of evidence, and to better understand the surroundings had rooms from the Ramsey home reconstructed to look the way they did on the day JonBenet was reported missing and ultimately found dead. 

The evidence that formed the basis of the investigators' theory included the transfer of DNA onto JonBenet's underwear — it could have come from someone at the manufacturer — which led them to rule out a sexual assault; the red marks on JonBenet's back being made by a toy train track piece, not a stun gun; and that nothing — neither spiderwebs nor other debris — around the window seal through which the perpetrator allegedly entered was disturbed. 

During the Sunday premiere, Clemente and Richards worked with an audio expert to decipher what was said on the emergency phone call after Patsy Ramsey believed the line was disconnected following her report that JonBenet had been kidnapped for ransom.

Investigators heard what sounded like three different voices talking in the background on the other end.

Clemente, Richards and the audio engineer said they heard what sounded like JonBenet's father, John, saying, "We're not speaking to you." Then, likely Patsy, asking, "What did you do?", followed by "Help me, Jesus." It may also have been "Help me, Jesus" twice in a row. Finally, what sounded like the voice of a child — which the investigators claimed must have been Burke — asking, "What did you find?"

During the first episode, investigators also discussed how the ransom note did not make sense for multiple reasons and examined the exact cause of JonBenet's death, with Spitz concluding it was a blow to the head by a blunt force object, likely a Maglite flashlight. 

A note at the end of the series on Monday stated that the investigators hoped their findings would inspire the Boulder Country District Attorney's Office to reexamine the case.