'Castle': Molly Quinn Previews 'Bittersweet' Finale and Season 6 Hopes

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The future of Beckett and Castle's relationship is in danger.

Fresh off Castle's renewal news, season five wraps up with the ABC procedural, starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, forcing its two lead characters to make a big decision. Beckett is faced with a job offer she is seriously considering, but would put her in Washington D.C. and threatens her romantic future with Castle. 

"It's bittersweet," says actress Molly Quinn, who plays Castle's daughter Alexis, tells The Hollywood Reporter of Monday's season finale. "It gets to a point where Castle wants one thing and Beckett wants another, and if they can they work it out or not."

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In a chat with THR, Quinn discusses Alexis' newfound "daredevil" streak, how her near-death experience has changed the character and what the future holds for the Castle-Beckett romance.

The Hollywood Reporter: What should we expect for Alexis in the season finale?

Molly Quinn: Alexis is trying to convince her dad that it is OK for her to take a trip to Costa Rica and her dad, of course, is very uncomfortable with that, considering what happened to her earlier this season with her being kidnapped and everything. Alexis is trying to reassert her independence because after that whole experience, her dad is much more overprotective. I mean, Alexis was still shocked -- she would be after that traumatic situation -- but now she's like, "Hmm, this isn't good. I can't let him think that we're reverting back to being 14. I'm 19, going on 20, I need to take this trip because I can't let my fears conquer me." 

THR: How successful does she get to convincing her dad?

Quinn: [Laughs] She's 100 percent successful. What Alexis wants, Alexis gets, and it's not because she's a brat -- she's like her dad, she knows how to turn a phrase. At the same time, he knows she has a good head on her shoulders. She always has and always will.

THR: You mentioned Alexis' ordeal earlier this season. How has that experience changed her?

Quinn: She always has a bit of trepidation at the back of mind. At the same time, I think that this has made her more adventurous, doing things she wouldn't have done before. Let's say Alexis has a fear of heights. She never would have gone skydiving. After this situation where she could've possibly died, she's like, "Yeah, I'm gonna skydive, zip-line or go across the world and backpack for a week." She's now doing the things that scared her before -- and are still scary now because she's realizing that her life is precious. I'm thinking that this next season we're really going to see Castle telling her to slow down. "Yes, it's great that you're doing all these things, facing your fears and conquering everything, but let's back off and be a little bit more careful." To cope, she's kind of turning into a daredevil.

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THR: A new lease of life?

Quinn: Exactly. 

THR: Has that near-death situation affected her relationship with her father in any significant way?

Quinn: I think they're closer than ever, absolutely.

THR: What do you hope to explore further in season six?

Quinn: This is all speculation, but I would like to see Alexis get a little tougher, even just in appearance. Maybe have some things where she's going undercover on her own, having to uncover some conspiracy that's going on at her school or helping a friend get out of a bad situation. I'd like to see Alexis maybe even be a bit of a vigilante, maybe into some problems in the precinct. How much fun would that be?! And it's not far-fetched either ... that can completely happen. [Laughs]

THR: Are there other established relationships with Alexis that you'd like to see grow?

Quinn: I would love to see her work with Lanie (Tamala Jones) in the morgue again. I love that relationship, and I think Alexis is smart enough to take up that position. She really respects Lanie and finds her to be a role model. I'd like to deepen their friendship. Maybe she finds a real boyfriend, someone she can actually develop a relationship with. Have their relationship start while the Beckett and Castle relationship is either progressing or declining, whichever way it goes. I'd like to explore that side of Alexis; she's at the age where she can have an actual real relationship now.

THR: Wherever things end up at the end of the season for Castle and Beckett, how does Alexis feel about it all?

Quinn: Here's the deal: She knows her dad's committed and she knows what her dad wants. What makes her dad happy is to have a relationship with Beckett and live together and start down the path to matrimony. If that makes her dad happy, that's what Alexis wants for him and for Beckett to be just as committed. If Beckett isn't committed, she of course is going to protect her dad and say, "Look, I know you love her, but if that love isn't returned let's just put her on the back-burner for a little bit."

THR: Can you tease a scene from the finale?

Quinn: In the season finale, we return to the swing set. It's in a very pretty park, and they (Castle and Beckett) are both sitting on it. For me, it shows how great the beginning of their relationship was and that they're still holding onto that. That scene represents hope for their relationship.

Castle airs its season five finale at 10 p.m. Monday on ABC.

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