Cat Attacks Journalist Live On Air in Michigan (Video)

Fox 17 reporter Nicole DiDonato was filming a live segment in front of a new beer hall in Grand Rapids when she was greeted by a stray kitty that took a liking to her shoulders.

It seems that the cat community has taken notice of the new, wildly popular News Cat meme, and they're not all that amused.

During a segment at the opening of Beer City in Grand Rapids, Mich., Fox 17 news reporter Nicole DiDonato was repeatedly attacked by a stray gray cat that, perhaps, had indulged too heavily on the pub's wares. DiDonato tried to continue her report as, again and again, the fuzzy assailant jumped on her shoulders.

To be fair, there is the distinct possibility that the cat was just being friendly or searching for a home; as DiDonato said on her Twitter feed, she has already taken in two strays from the last two cities from which she's worked.

Watch the feisty feline in action in the video below.