Cate Edwards Talks Rielle Hunter Affair in NBC News Interview (Video)

The daughter of John and Elizabeth Edwards opens up publicly for the first time since her father's 2012 campaign finance fraud trial.
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Cate Edwards, daughter of John Edwards and his late wife Elizabeth, says she was "devastated" over the revelation of her father's affair with Rielle Hunter and maintains a relationship with her "sweet" half sister, Frances Quinn, whom she considers "a part of our family."

In her first interview since John's 2012 trial on charges he used campaign funds from his past presidential bid to support Hunter -- that case was ultimately dropped -- Cate sat down with Today's Savannah Guthrie to tell her side of the story.

"I did not fault my dad for the trial," said Cate, who accompanied John during his court appearances. "He made those mistakes, there's no question, but I never, never thought he did anything illegal. So I didn't think (the trial) was right."

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The ex-Democratic senator confessed in 2010 to fathering a daughter with Hunter, his former campaign videographer. Quinn was born in 2008, and while John publicly admitted the affair that year, he had not confirmed paternity of the child.

"She's my sister, and she’s just a really sweet, innocent little girl," said Cate, a DC-based lawyer. “I certainly think of her as part of our family."

As for John's Hunter confession, "I was devastated, and I was disappointed. I mean, these are my parents. I had grown up with a lot of love in my family, and it was hard to see them go through this."

Cate said she hasn't spoken to Hunter since meeting her on the campaign trail years ago. In Hunter's memoir What Really Happened, published last year, she described Elizabeth, who died of cancer in December 2010, as "crazy" and partly responsible for John's philandering.

"I thought it was a poor choice, I guess, is all I can say," Cate said.

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