CBS Assembles Cast for 'American Baking Competition'

American Baking Competition - H 2013

American Baking Competition - H 2013

CBS has compiled all the ingredients for its summer cooking series The American Baking Competition.

Hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, the series is an adaptation of the U.K. format The Great British Bake Off and judged by chef Marcela Valladolid and baker Paul Hollywood, who serves in the same capacity on the international format.

The 10 amateur bakers will compete for a $250,000 grand prize and a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster and were selected after a nationwide search of amateur bakers at local casting bake-offs.

Each week, the series will feature the bakers competing in three unique challenges -- Signature Bake, Technical Bake and Showstopper Bake -- with the winner being crowned that week's Star Baker. Here are the 10 contestants:

Whitney Appleton Beery, 21
Current Residence: Lubbock, Texas (Originally from Castle Rock, Colo.)
Occupation: College Student
Baking Specialties: Cupcakes, cakes and scones

James Reddick, 26
Current Residence: Hollywood (Originally from Indianapolis, Ind.)
Occupation: Photographer
Baking Specialties: Pies, cookies and pastries  

Francine Bryson, 44
Current Residence: Pickens, S.C.
Baking Specialties: Pies, cakes and quiche

Jeremy Cross, 35
Current Residence: San Diego, Calif.
Occupation: Firefighter
Baking Specialties: Cookies, cakes and pies 

Darlene Pawlukowsky, 51
Current Residence: Johns Creek, Ga. 
Occupation:Project  Manager
Baking Specialties: Cakes and cookies

Elaine Francisco, 63
Current Residence: Claremont, Calif.
Occupation: Retired
Baking Specialties: Breads, pies and cakes 

Brian Emmett, 43
Current Residence: Itasca, Ill. (Originally from Glendale Heights, Ill.)
Occupation: Owner of a Marketing/Advertising Company
Baking Specialties: Breads, pies, cookies, savory baked goods and pastries

Kolette Biddle,30
Current Residence: Norco, Calif.
Occupation: Home Health Care Provider
Baking Specialties: Cookies, pies, cakes and tarts

Carlo Fuda, 35
Current Residence: Stamford, Conn. (Originally from Elwood City, Pa.)
Occupation: Social Marketing Consultant
Baking Specialties: Zeppole, cheesecake and cupcakes

Effie D. Sahihi, 40
Current Residence: Henderson, Tenn. (Born in Israel and raised in Winter Haven, Fla.)
Occupation: Attorney
Baking Specialties: Cakes, tarts and breads

The American Baking Competition will premiere May 29 at 8 p.m. on CBS.