Tom Hanks' New HBO Miniseries Blows the Lid off Pop-Tarts (Video)

The actor and producer gave David Letterman a first look at his next project.
Dee Cercone/Everett Collection

Tom Hanks is tackling a new project for HBO. It’s a historical miniseries that he expects can live up to the level of drama he established with other projects for the network like Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

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“I discovered this story a couple years ago,” Hanks says on Thursday’s Late Show with David Letterman on CBS. “And I thought no one has ever, ever said this. And I think it’s an amazing aspect of what daily life in America has become, because of this man.”

The series chronicles Bert Loomis, the creator of the amazing Pop-Tarts. OK, of course it’s a parody, but I love when celebrities can make fun of themselves and I love Pop-Tarts. Who doesn’t? Winning.

In reality, Hanks is back in business with the cable channel. He’s currently producing a college athlete comedy for HBO.

But for now, watch Hanks’ preview the parody project below.

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