CBS' 'Love Island' Names Arielle Vandenberg as Host

The actress and comedian will preside over the nightly shenanigans on the network's adaptation of the British unscripted hit.
Courtesy of Timothy Kuratek/CBS
Arielle Vandenberg

CBS has found a host for its version of Love Island.

Comedian and actress Arielle Vandenberg will preside over the hookups and game play on the adaptation of the British unscripted hit. The network will air the show five nights a week starting July 9.

"As a huge fan of the show, I can't tell you how excited I am to be hosting Love Island this summer," Vandenberg said Thursday in a statement. "I’m here for it all … the love, the relationships, the re-coupling. Bring it on. I feel so honored to be at the head of the table watching it all go down!"

The series will follow a group of single people to a villa in Fiji, where every few days they will have to couple up or risk being sent home if they don't. The show will also feature several twists and turns, including new islanders arriving and viewers having a say in how the game proceeds. The audience also votes on the winning couple, who will earn a cash prize.

"Watching Love Island is like watching your favorite romantic comedy five nights a week with your best friends — and Arielle would be the friend bringing the popcorn," said Sharon Vuong, senior vp alternative programming at CBS. "Aside from being a huge fan of the genre, she's a gifted performer with an impressive résumé across multiple mediums who has a genuine and unique connection with all of her fans. We couldn’t be more thrilled that she’s joining us on this wild ride this summer."

Vandenberg's TV credits include Greek, Meet the Browns, How I Met Your Mother and Bones. She also hosted a weekly interview series, Snap Hangs, on Snapchat. She is repped by UTA and Goodman Schenkman.

ITV Entertainment, an ITV America company, produces Love Island. David George, Adam Sher, David Eilenberg, Simon Thomas, Mandy Morris, Ben Thursby, Richard Foster and Chet Fenster are executive producers.