CBS News Mocked for Overblowing Mike McQueary Interview

Mike McQueary Penn State - P 2011
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Mike McQueary Penn State - P 2011

"CBS Punks Viewers With McQueary Clip" ... "Mike McQueary CBS Interview: Armen Keteyian Hits Hard for 4 Seconds" ... "Fail: Mike McQueary's Much Hyped Interview On CBS" .. Those are some of the headlines describing CBS News' much publicized "get" with Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary.

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The network released a transcript of Armen Keteyian's interview with McQueary early Tuesday, and it turns out that was pretty much the all that aired on the CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley later that evening:

Armen Keteyian: “Describe your emotions right now.”
Mike McQueary: “All over the place, just kind of shaken.”
Keteyian: “Crazy?”
McQueary: “Crazy.”
Keteyian: “You said like what, Mike?”
McQueary: “Like a snow globe.”

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CBS News never said there was more to the interview, but the 25-second snippet was roundly mocked.

The Bleacher Report's Ryan Rudnansky says it best: "Excuse me...did CBS Evening News actually schedule an interview with McQueary? Did he even know about it? Seems to me like they almost ran up to him and caught him unawares and decided to call it an interview.

"Let me get this straight. After [Bob] Costas grilled former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky for allegedly sexually abusing eight young boys in a period of 15 years on Monday, all we know about McQueary, who allegedly saw Sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in one of Penn State's locker room showers, is that his emotions are 'all over the place' ... 'like a snow globe.' "

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Aside from the CBS interview, the other McQueary development Tuesday was that he launched an email defense for himself, arguing that he told police he saw defensive coach Sandusky raping a child in the school's locker room showers in 2002.

McQueary was placed on paid administrative leave last week following the firing of head coach Joe Paterno and school president Graham Spanier for their failure to alert authorities after being informed of alleged instances of sexual assault being committed by Sandusky.

McQueary testified before a grand jury in the investigation that eventually led to 40 sexual-abuse charges being filed against Sandusky. In his testimony, McQueary said that he saw Sandusky sodomizing a boy in the shower in 2002, and notified Paterno.

In an email to friends obtained by NBC and other media outlets, McQueary wrote that he "is getting hammered for handling this the right way or what I thought at the time was right" but that he "did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police" following the alleged incident.

"I had to make tough impacting quick decisions," McQueary wrote.

McQueary, a former Penn St. quarterback, also said, "I did the right thing. You guys know me. The truth is not out there fully. I didn't just turn and run. I made sure it stopped."

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett has said that McQueary should have done more to make sure the allegations were reported at higher levels and failed his "moral obligation" to help the boy. President Barack Obama also took a not so subtle swipe at McQueary, "Where we see something that's wrong we've got to make sure we step up."