'Celebrity Apprentice': Lil Jon on Nearly Making the Final Two

Lil Jon
Adam Olszewski/NBC

The rapper/entrepreneur became close with eventual season four winner John Rich on the show. Lil Jon made it to the final four but was let go after the individual interviews with past Celebrity Apprentice winners Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers and Bret Michaels, for raising the least amount of money among the finalists and admitting he didn't think he would make it that far in the show. He is playing for the American Diabetes Association.

Despite his strong performance all season, Lil Jon was fired in Sunday's episode of All Star Celebrity Apprentice.

The rapper/entrepreneur came in third -- one spot better than his last time on the show -- ahead of fourth-place finisher Lisa Rinna, who also was fired in Sunday's episode as Donald Trump narrowed the final four competitors down to two.

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That left Trace Adkins and Penn Jillette to duke it out to become the first "All Star" winner, who will be revealed in Sunday's episode of the NBC reality competition.

On Monday, Lil Jon talked to The Hollywood Reporter about being fired a second time, whether he'd play again and what's next.

The Hollywood Reporter: It must have been hard nearly making it to the finals again, only to be sent packing before the final challenge.

Lil Jon: It was just hard doing the show. It was harder this time, period, because the last time, I was on a winning team. This time, I was on a losing team, a team with a lot of drama. And Omarosa had been on the show more than anybody else, and she is the queen of this type of television, and so you gotta watch her. I watched Trace come in second basically the last time he was on. There were a lot of good competitors, and it was tough all the way around.

THR: Would you play a third time if asked?

Lil Jon: I won't say no because I said no the last time, and I ended up coming back. I'll say I don't think so.

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THR: Is there anything you wish you'd done differently in your final boardroom or during the rest of the season?

Lil Jon: I mean, I was strong in every episode and every task. In the final boardroom, I had very valid arguments. I mean, look at sports teams that don't have winning records and go on to win the big prize. That was one of my arguments. I was on a team where I was losing. If I was on the other side, it might have been different. It's Mr. Trump's show, and at the end of the day, he made his decision, and it's his decision to make. Just like he'll make the decision on who will be the first "All Star Celebrity Apprentice."

THR: Was it hard to return and try to help Trace win the show after just having been fired?

Lil Jon: Me and Trace got really cool during the filming of the show. He learned to give me respect, and I gave him a lot of respect. I mean, basically we earned each other's respect. I showed him that when I have a job to do, I do it well, there's no slacking. I give it my all. Of course it was easy to come back and help Trace and [see him] become the next "Celebrity Apprentice," I hope.

THR: You also bonded with another country singer, John Rich, your first time on the show.

Lil Jon: Actually, me and John Rich were friends before Celebrity Apprentice, so that wasn't new. It was new to America to see that kind of relationship, but we were already friends.

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THR: What was your most memorable moment from this season?

Lil Jon: Winning, for my charity, the American Diabetes Association, and lasting all the way to the end. I was basically on every episode.

THR: What's next for you?

Lil Jon: Probably more television. And I'm in Vegas every month, I'm a resident DJ there [at Surrender and Blush Boutique nightclubs]. More music, and hopefully more television.

THR: Do you already have another TV show lined up?

Lil Jon: I'm just pursuing opportunities right now.