'Celebrity Big Brother': Early Evictees Predict This Season's Winner

Big Brother Celebrity Edition-Publicity Stills-Split-H 2019
Monty Brinton/CBS; Sonja Flemming/CBS

The second season of Celebrity Big Brother is winding down. 

But before the spinoff of the longtime reality series airs its live finale on Feb. 13, the show is gearing up for one of its biggest traditions: double eviction night.

On Friday, two evictions back-to-back will take place and leave five famous houseguests competing for the grand prize and winning title. In the end, in order for the winner to claim a victory they must have mastered the ability to win over those they have wronged and voted out of the game.

Two early evictees, Kato Kaelin and Joey Lawrence, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter after exiting the house, and based on their time in the game, their votes may be personal. 

As Kaelin puts it, "I will never vote for Tamar [Braxton]! She's the last person I'm going to vote for." As for Lawrence, he points out a few more houseguests and bashes their gameplay, saying, "I don't like personal insults, f-bombs, screaming at each other and slamming fists on tables. It's embarrassing."

Below Kaelin and Lawrence spoke with THR further about all things Celebrity Big Brother, including Anthony Scaramucci's surprise twist and who they want to see play the game next. 

You seemed to be relieved that you were voted out.

Kato Kaelin: The timing is perfect. It was too tough for me! I'm so trustworthy. Can they really lie right to your face like that? Guess what, they can!

Lawrence: Oh yeah, dude. That was a totally different house than it was last season. You have a lot of people that are very disingenuous from day one. Ryan [Lochte]'s a very genuine person. That's how we hit it off. But there are a lot of people there who I have no idea who they actually are. There [are] a lot of hot-headed people who let their emotions get the best of them. It's tough being around people who throw f-bombs every second. It's a very trying experience. That's not what the game is about. 

Who are you talking about specifically?

Lawrence: It's obvious. Lolo [Jones] burns hot, right? Tamar is extremely emotional at times. Kato has proven to be very emotional. Tom [Green] walks around and gets angry at times. Tom and Ricky [Williams] got into it once. Lolo tried to suck me into it a couple of times. People are very volatile in there. That's not how the game is supposed to be played. 

Kato, you sat next to Omarosa at the season 20 finale. Did she talk to you about the show?

Kaelin: She said if you ever need advice, you'd be great on this show and all of that, but I said, "I'm not going to call. I'm going to do this on my own and figure it out." 

Why were you there? Did you have an idea they wanted you for the show?

Kaelin: I did. I thought it was a good sign. I didn't watch the show. And I said, 'This is such an opportunity for me to show who I am. You can't lie about who you are. Now you can judge me from that. They know me from a trial and now they know me from this.' It's a really good feeling. 

What was your reaction when Scaramucci left?

Kaelin: When he was the mole?! Total shock! Tom and myself had him in our alliance! Anthony was analytical, he came up with thinking everything out and we were such a strong team. Then we had to find someone as strong as Anthony and we teamed up with the girls. It was good for a few days. [Laughs.]

What happened to that alliance?

Kaelin: I said to Tom, "If I ever blow up, they're going to see a serious side of me, and we can see certain things that they're really full of it." And, boom! I was brushing my teeth and Tom said, "Do you want to do this now?" And I said, "You did this! You're a liar!" Then Lolo went ballistic. 

Last season's winner, Marissa Jaret Winokur, gave you advice before you entered the house. What didn't she prepare you for?

Lawrence: She didn't prepare me for what she couldn't prepare me for. The game is a game, but you can't prepare someone for personalities. Her house had little moments here and there, but these people came in super hot. Jonathan [Bennett] too obviously fell into the Shannon [Elizabeth] trap. He tried to get who he thought were the best physical players in Ryan and me to join forces with him and that wasn't a smart move because he put a red X on each of our backs very quickly. 

Kaelin: Jonathan talked too much and everyone wanted him out because he was the best player.

Joey, when Ryan and Jonathan left the house what did you miss about them?

Lawrence: I didn't really know Jonathan that well, but Ryan and I had some great conversations about life. We were just hanging out. Genuinely how kind he was was really refreshing and allowed a little bit of sanctity amongst all that bizarre behavior by adults.

Did you ever think Ryan Lochte would be someone you'd be friends with?

Lawrence: Never. [Laughs.) You read headlines and people are judged unfortunately a lot by headlines today. It was a lovely surprise. 

Who was the most difficult person to live with?

Lawrence: You take the pick, there [are] quite a few in there! The obvious people would be Lolo, it's very hard for her to get control of her emotions; Tamar was very loud, but she's a sweetheart; and Tom and Kato, everything that comes out of their mouth is a joke, but underneath it, they're very emotional. Then you have Ricky and Natalie [Eva Marie] and I have no idea who they are. At least with Tamar you get to see who she really is. 

Who has the best shot at winning the game?

Lawrence: I don't like personal insults, f-bombs, screaming at each other and slamming fists on tables. It's embarrassing. Tamar might have a chance of making it to the end. She's very good at manipulating reality TV. I'm not a reality TV guy.  

Kaelin: I will never vote for Tamar! She's the last person I'm going to vote for. 

Is this something you would do again?

Lawrence: No! I'm grateful for the opportunity, but I'd much rather play characters on TV than myself personally locked in a box with people I don't know. [Laughs.]

If you could nominate any of your famous friends to join next season who do you pick?

Kaelin: Bill Maher would be so great in there — he is so full of truth and honesty — and Charlie Sheen.