'Celebrity Big Brother' Crowns First-Ever Winner

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Still 2 Episode 1 - Publicity - Embed 2018
Courtesy of CBS

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Sunday night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother.]

The Celebrity Big Brother finale has found its first-ever winner. 

After nearly 30 days locked away in seclusion inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, actress and Tony winner Marissa Winokur nabbed the winning title. 

For the first spinoff of CBS' summer flagship Big Brother, Winokur competed against the likes of Omarosa Manigault-Newman, Mark McGrath, Metta World Peace, James Maslow, Shannon Elizabeth, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Chuck Liddell, Ariadna Gutierrez, Brandi Glanville and Ross Mathews for a shot at taking the Celebrity Big Brother winning title and $250,000 grand prize. 

It has been a season of fights, tears, asthma attacks, a hospital stint and, thanks to the casting of former political aide Omarosa, nonstop chatter about president Donald Trump. 

In the end it was up to Omarosa, McGrath, World Peace, Elizabeth, Pulliam, Maslow, Glanville, Gutierrez and Liddell, who cast their vote for who they wanted to see win the game between Winokur and her ally, Mathews. 

In both of their final pleas, they apologized to their fellow roommates for some of the moves they made to get to the end. In Mathews' plea, he said, "You have to stay true to your character in this game, but you have to be able to pivot. As the power shifts in the house, you have to be flexible as well."

But apparently his explanation of his actions wasn't enough because the jury seemingly voted emotionally (what those in the Big Brother world would call a bitter jury). Even Winokur was shocked that her friend Mathews didn't win the title after he won two Head of Household competitions and three power of vetoes throughout the season. "I couldn't have gotten this far without Ross," Winokur said in the end. 

After his loss, Mathews quipped, "I'm sorry about the lying! But hello, it's Big Brother!"

The winner was not the only prize given out on finale night. Mathews walked away with the runner-up prize of $50,000 and was also crowned "America's Favorite Houseguest" and given a prize of $25,000.

CBS has yet to announce whether Celebrity Big Brother will return, but the show's milestone 20th season will return to the small screen this summer.