Chadwick Boseman Surprises Passionate 'Black Panther' Fans on 'Tonight Show'

Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman surprised fans as they expressed their feelings of gratitude over the film on Wednesday's Tonight Show

As fans lined up in front of a poster of T'Challa to voice their feelings, they were unaware that the King of Wakanda himself was listening behind a curtain, alongside Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. 

One mother, along with her young son, said, "My son’s life has been defined by Barack Obama and now by Black Panther." When Boseman emerged, they were left nearly speechless. 

“You are way too kind," said Boseman. "Barack Obama? Come on.”

A young, black female, aspiring to be a filmmaker, said that Black Panther had inspired her to keep chasing her dream, and when Boseman came out to surprise her, she, too, was at a loss for words.

Another man, whose father was from Ghana, said he’s seen the film twice — once on bootleg. Boseman emerged to surprise him, laughing and asking, “You’re going to bootleg my movie?”